Communikey (CMKY) is a Boulder-based interdisciplinary organization dedicated to social, cultural and ecological innovation through creative process.

We facilitate forward thinking cultural experiences that emphasize the intersection of sound, design and technology in artistic forms that are under-represented. Communikey forges a creative exchange across cultures, backgrounds, and mediums while fostering the development of the local arts community.

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Creative Director – Kate Lesta
Technical Director – Nathan Jantz
Executive Producer – Jahnavi Stenflo
Publicist + Project Manager – Matthew Krall
Assistant Director – Rob Fitzgerald
Production Manager– Chris McNaughton
Venue Manager- Travis Anderson
Design + Branding – Josh Ivey
Yes, And?.. – Lauren Higgins, Nick Miranda, Charles Kern, Matty Hayes
Ticketing – Josh Ivey, Lauren Ivey
Commissary – Deven Boykin
Artist Management – Steven Dermody
Transportation Coordinator – Claire Flannery
Volunteer Coordinators – Erica Dixon, Rachel Daly, Tara Worley
Promotions – Kate Flynn
Merchandise – Brandon Brown, Rachel Brown
Education Coordinator – David Schaal
Stage Hand Lead – Justin Forthuber
Local Partnership Coordinator – Judi Lesta
Website – Rick Boykin
KidsPatch – Nana Redenkovic, Relja Bobic, Mellisa Rummel
Director of Philosophical Affairs – Charles Kern
Documentation – Sam Campbell, Stephen Cardinale, Seze Devres, Scott Kaplan
Word on the Street – Garrett Widener, Jonah Friedman
Curatorial – Kate Lesta, Nathan Jantz, Jahnavi Stenflo, Brandon Brown, Kate Flynn, Matt Krall, Justin Forthuber, Steven Dermody

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