DIS-PLAY is a platform for the dissemination of sound research and related arts that brings together electroacoustic specialists, sound artists, video artists, multimedia artists, coreographers, curators and cultural agents from Canary Islands, Spain and Europe, to promote art and technology proposals related to experimentation, implementation and creation processes on different multimedia platforms through activities like exhibitions, audiovisual concerts, multichannel audio performances, workshops, conferences, and other types of sound art and new media live performances or presentations.

DIS-PLAY have been running since 2007 presenting more than 20 events in Canary Islands (Sede Orquesta Filarmónica), Berlin (Berghain, Instituto Cervantes, Watergate ), Mexico (Festival de Mayo, Electrovisiones), Amsterdam (Smart project Space) and Russia (Electromechanica) with an overall attendance of 80,000 visitors.

Interactions between spanish and international artists promoted by the organization have initiated and strengthened in some cases a permanent channel of communication between these artists. Therefore, Display has contributed to the creation of new projects between artists that will continue their development independently in form of audio-visual projects, installations, contemporary dance-music projects, audio remixes, albums, residencies, etc.

With the participation of more than 100 local artists and the interactions with more than 30 international artists this project have been established as the most important of its kind in Canary Islands.

In 2010 DIS-PLAY creates KIDS-PLAY, a project that responds to the lack of recreational spaces shared between children and parents and also the need to promote the creativity of smaller through the use of new technologies.

Therefore DIS-PLAY has 4 working lines :
- DIS-PLAY Pro: International exhibition held in different cities
- DIS-PLAY Fest: International festival in Canary Islands
- DIS-PLAY LAB: Research Centre in Canary Islands
- KIDS-PLAY: Festival of interaction and creativity for children

DIS-PLAY is runned by Luis Ortiz and Amanda López supported by a team of collaborators with experience in organizing international events in cities like Berlin, Tokyo, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Mexico, Dublin, USA, etc. One of the main values and also one of the distinguishing features of DIS-PLAY are internationality and artists synergies.




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