ECAS Open Call for Submissions – Residency Project


ECAS (European Cities Of Advanced Sound and related arts) together with co-organizers Insomnia, TodaysArt and Cimatics have opened a new call for submissions under the theme ‘Ubiquitous Art and Sound – Art and the everyday’. This residency is organized within the ECAS project ‘Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future’. ECAS is a European multi-annual project supported by the European Union within the Culture Programme (2007 – 2013).

The selected candidates will be invited for a three-stage residency in The Hague, Tromsø and Brussels in 2014. The residency should lead to a publication. The format and form of the publication is open. The preference goes out to innovative and transmedia publication and presentation formats and narratives.

The deadline for proposals is due on January 26th, 2014.

Theme: Ubiquitous Art and Sound – art and the everyday

The submissions need to relate to the theme Ubiquitous Art and Sound. This theme explores the ever-growing omnipresence of technology in everyday life through new approaches in creating art and sound for the public domain. Digital formats are everywhere. A consequence of the ever-spreading reach of media and the rise of new technologies. This phenomenon is matched by new artistic approaches to creating art and sound for the public realm.

Digital technologies encompass new dimensions of considering social as much as artistic practices. In a society where the possibilities have tremendously opened up, innovative ways of envisioning art and society have emerged in the past decades. Creative practices such as augmented reality, acoustic ecology, city soundmaps, data sonification, data visualization, architectural interventions, highlight an increased interest in appropriating public spaces but also in blurring the distinction between the physical and virtual.

Generally, there is increasing interest in presenting cultural activities in ‘lived spaces’ where people go about their everyday lives, instead of arts and culture being the preserve of traditional arts venues and museums. The ‘city‘ is increasingly a focus, as urban spaces draw together different communities and forms of media and technology, and digital technology is changing the function of the city, and dissolving the boundaries between work and play. Traditionally, public spaces are thought of as city squares and other such physical spaces. Increasingly people come together and meet in online spaces as well as physical spaces, which are often overlaid, blurring the distinction between the physical and virtual.

Through this call, we aim to explore art and sound in urban environments which respond to its specific localities and engage local communities resulting in highly visible presentation formats in public settings. Herein we look at the cultural and environmental relevance and the wider societal impact implied by this move to increasing ubiquity. By inviting interdisciplinary practitioners to submit innovative and critical research ideas for a residency in three different cities dedicated to this theme, this call aims to reflect on ubiquitous art and sound in today���s society, to explore the ways in which the public domain can be designed and used, and to examine current trends and practices.

Practical information

The residency takes place in The Hague (Netherlands), Tromsø (Norway) and Brussels (Belgium) and is respectively organized in partnership with TodaysArt / The Generator Foundation, Insomnia and Cimatics.

Practitioners could be researchers, independent writers, artists, philosophers or related practitioners from any related field (technology, anthropology, sociology, art and sound, architecture, urbanism etc.).

The maximum production budget for the selected submission is € 10.000 (managed by the respective organisations) and has to cover travel, accommodation, per diems and other costs related to the project and publication.

The period of residency is scheduled between February and December 2014 and will consist of two weeks of residency in each city.

Conditions for application

The preference goes out to ideas of an interdisciplinary nature with a strong relation to the theme and the related perspectives. Applications are welcome from any part of the world. The authors will be selected by a jury appointed by the participating organizations.

The final output of the residency will need to be a publication gathering the research results.

The application needs to be composed of:

•   Curriculum Vitae of the writer;
•  ��A research project description of maximum 1 A4 including the relation to the theme of the call;
•   The format and form of the publication is open, please describe clearly the format and form of the final publication of the project.

Please only use the online form below for your submission. Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

→ Online form on

Schedule and Deadline

●      Deadline for submission: 26 January, 2014

●      Announcement of jury decision: 2 February, 2014

●      Residency periods: February – December 2014 (2 weeks per city, total of 6 weeks)

●      Deadline publication + public presentation: 26 January, 2015


The jury will be comprised of five persons from various backgrounds (artists, curators, cultural workers, journalists, academics, etc.) and will be disclosed together with the results.


ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound / ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound

�����Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future’ is a project supported by the European Commission Culture Programme and an initiative of ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound, a consortium of European members of the international network ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound. Thirty organizations and festivals on four continents have joined forces to support mutual development and to promote artistic practises at the interface of music, art, technology and society. Important goals include the exchange of knowledge, capacity building, best practices, and shared cultural and political work. The ECAS project, ‘Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future’ (2010-2015), is a collaborative European platform for new forms of experimental artistic work within the fields of sound, music, and current technologies. In addition to promoting critical artistic practice, the project aims to re-think the structures that underlie and support these practices through ECAS conferences and meetings, co-productions, artist residencies, and artist and researcher production grants.

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