Les Siestes Electroniques in Toulouse 27.6.-1.7.2018

Siestes3 - Copyright Jean Jacques Ader

The festival’s title translates to The Electronic Nap. You might take a nap enjoying the day venue in the central park Jardin Compans-Caffarelli or you enjoy the night’s programme in various venues over Toulouse. The days are for free, bring your picnic baskets and your dancing shoes and don’t forget the kids if you have any.

Here a statement of Samuel Aubert, the festival’s artistic director, that forbids you to miss out on that amazing festival in Southern France:

Everything we do is driven by one specific goal: to meet the unexpected and to live curious. That sounds like craps from an ad, we know that … But we strongly believe that there is a real need of otherness nowadays.
Culture has become a land of segregation. Every festival has its specific audience and have to please its target spectators to sell tickets. People buy tickets, especially the expensive ones, when they know what they will see.
There is less and less space for adventures, for risky busi- ness.
That’s why Les Siestes has come with a unique recipe from day 1: free daylight concerts held in a public park. Where people who carefully read those words and care about our lineup can meet those who just don’t give a shit about the best new sound lately rated by Resident Advisor/ Wire/Pitchfork.
We’re all living on the same planet. And, as Kanye West once said: «At the end of the day, if two people who don’t know each other, dance together, then there is hope. That’s the beauty of music.

And here the weblink: Les Siestes Electroniques

Photo by © Jean-Jacques Ader