Cimatics was set up in 2003 for a first audiovisual festival explicitly grounded in electronic subculture. Soon after, this was expanded into a festival for ‘Live Audiovisual Art & VJing’


Cimatics aims at a rigorous approach to its own field of interest and therefor concentrates on the interchange between the wide variety of existing culture segments. In this way, the festival has always been intended to be an event with a meta-narrative, a node where grass-roots, underground and pop or art become mixed. In short, a contemporary happening with a capital ‘H’.

Since the beginning, a great many artists of all sorts have formed part of this collage, this cultural mash-up. In addition, but crucial, is that the artists are challenged to leave their familiar position on a stage in a concert hall and enter the public or semi-public domain with, for example, interactive audio-visual installation and audio-visual concerts.


Cimatics\AV\Platform was born out of this Cimatics festival, bringing rapidly expanding goals and activities.

On the one hand there has been a broadening of vision: Cimatics now looks at a wider field of experimental audiovisual performances, but at the same time continues to all it can to tighten the links between audiovisual art, media art and the broader, more popular digital and audiovisual culture. In this way it attempts to contribute to the development both of the arts and of culture in a wider sense.
On the other hand, on the basis of this activity it is building a platform not only for the organisation of the Cimatics festival but also focusing on the production of new audiovisual performances and installations, holding workshops and creating publications as well as initiating a great number of other events.

Cimatics\AV\Platform is an organisation that focuses on audio-visual performances, with the emphasis on those that have grown out of VJ culture and cyber culture. Most of the projects revolve around the interaction (live or otherwise) between sound and image: live cinema, visual music, expanded cinema or DJ/VJ. Next to that there is also a continuous attention for audio-visual installations, experimental cinema, music video and motion graphics.

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