14th International Festival for Computer-Aided Art CYNETART in Dresden,
11th to 21st Nov 2010

Call for Entries for the International CYNETART competition || entry deadline 28.02.2010

TMA Hellerau hosts this international competition of CYNETART, inviting artists and art groups to present their projects, every two years. They can apply with projects that fully utilise digital technologies in their conceptual, creative and performing processes, thereby opening up opportunities for digital performance and their relationship to factors such as time, space, physical presence and social encounters.

Further information/ Entry Form:

Self-image of CYNETART-Festival


Media art is the sensate modelling and equally the almost scientific exploration of the human perception assisted by instruments of media technology. Its starting point is the sensate and conscious presence in our world. This includes various relationships between intrinsic and extrinsic experiences.

The desired objective of the competition is a multi-perspective discussion of the present development, serving to sensualise the connections.

Media art reflects a culture, which is constituted from a global participation and networking of electronic technologies. How does this electronic networking and re-presence of our world affect our perception? How can our perception be modified in order to manage the networking potential adequately? How does the perception of the human inside and outside re-organise itself in this process? What significance does the internet in terms of social networking have for a culture of evolutionary self-organisation and a new structure of information, education and intelligence? How do the mediatisation processes affect the human perception in terms of specialisation and universalisation.

How do the interactions between social actors change the social relations and the individual identity formation as a result of media usage and an increasing dependence from media. How do the technically mediated types of perception interact with the direct sensate types of perception?

Artistic applications provide the opportunity for the public to practice a responsible way of perception in learning about an active participation in „test arrangements“. This helps to develop an appropriate attitude towards human and natural potentials. To this end the following is wanted: dynamic models for the exploration, testing and development of a multi-dimensional  perception of body and space. It is essentially all about prototype examinations on the correlation between innovative technology and the cognitive as well as communicative processes of humans, but also between new media and traditional culture. Performative productions and installations of test arrangements should be given precedence in the funding by CYNETART festival.


As an institute for integrals perception and media research the TMA Hellerau was founded in the year 2001 and understands itself as a platform for artists and researchers with experiences within the area of interactive systems. One of the highlights and focal point of work is the international festival of computer-based art and inter-disciplinary media projects called CYNETART taking place annually. CYNETART has been showing new trends of cultural developments in the media arts since 1997. The consequences of the prevailing progress of civilisation and the introduction of new information technologies in all fields of social life lead to the disembodiment of perception triggering the examination of a new sensitivity for physical experience and for the perception of one’s own body. The international festival focuses on the broaching the issue of this change of the perception of the body by new information technologies. Herein, the performance of the new technology is less important, it is rather about their cultural potential for mediation. This applies f.i. to linkages between existential questions of humankind and how they are perceived. It also applies to the sensual approach to scientific methods of research and the interconnections between the arts.

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