TODAYSART – International Festival Beyond Art – The Hague, The Netherlands

Every year, for one weekend, the TodaysArt Festival transforms the city centre of The Hague into an inspiring stronghold of creativity and audiovisual experiences. In just a five years TODAYSART developed into one of the foremost art festivals in Europe.Its growing success is showed by the expansion of its annual line-up of events and worldwide co-operations. TODAYSART has provided an annual setting for artistic and creative encounters with cultural phenomena that are the upshot of social change. Concerts, exhibitions, performances and interventions carry these inquiries beyond the confines of conventional festival spaces and cultural venues and take them out into the public sphere and throughout the cityscape.

In this process of pervading public spaces and staging festival activities in interesting and appropriate physical settings, TODAYSART has consistently displayed extraordinary imaginativeness. From the train station to the clubs, from churches to the City Hall, unusual locations have repeatedly served as sites of performances and interventions, and have, in turn, been reinterpreted by them. TodaysArt is organized by The Generator Foundation.


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