Founded in November 2009, MUTEK.ES’s principal activity is the presentation of the MicroMUTEK.ES festival every February in Barcelona, Spain. Each festival edition is committed nursing papers to showcasing the finest emerging and established digital arts talent to local audiences, while simultaneously supporting the Catalunyan and Spanish artistic community by providing it with an internationally recognized platform within an environment of discovery, experimentation and exchange.

An International Trampoline for Catalunyan and Spanish Artists
MUTEK.ES pays special attention to presenting emerging local talent, thus firmly placing itself as an important organization in Barcelona and Spain’s cultural landscape. Each year an increasing number of local and international journalists and professionals attend MUTEK.ES, further increasing the visibility of local artists.

Cultivating Ties Between Catalunya and Québec
Special ties are being developed between MUTEK.ES and MUTEK Montreal, inspired by the cooperation between Catalunyan and Québecois governments that is built on mutual interests such as cultural diversity, language, identity, and opening one’s unique cultural heritage to the global community.

As such, MUTEK.ES aims to develop and cultivate links between Catalan and Québecois artists via exchanges, collaborations, special projects, presentations and more, further contributing to the effervescence of the Catalan cultural fabric.

Bridging Europe and the Americas
As the only MUTEK chapter based in Europe, MUTEK.ES provides a unique landing spot for MUTEK’s American branches on the European continent. MUTEK.ES thus has a strong focus on presenting new artists, projects and trends in digital creativity that are emerging in the Americas, resulting in a rich and unique gathering of international artists.

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