Skaņu mežs


”The main function of Skaņu mežs/Sound Forest association is to organize an annual festival, sound art exhibitions and educational activities relating to innovative music and related visual arts. It is all done with an international perspective in sight – one of Skaņu mežs’ main aims is to bring Latvian innovative music into the fore of the European cultural realm and to vitalize the culture life of Riga and make it a more pleasant city to live in.

Another task that we fulfill by organizing the festival is to stimulate creative innovation in Latvia and the Baltic region. That is being facilitated by the fact that Skaņu mežs festival is the main, longest running and most regular innovative music festival in the Baltic region.
Recently Skaņu mežs has alo launched its own record label and so far plans to publish recordings by cutting-edge artists from the Latvian experimental music scene.”


Viestarts Gailītis - Program matters/ administration viestarts[at] cell: +371 29464264

Zane Dātava - Publicity matters/ administration zane[at] cell: +371 22018133

Ernests Ansons - Program and technical matters  ernests.ansons[at]  cell: +371 29773588

Rihards Bražinskis - Film program rihards[at] cell: +371 26213141

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