The ICAS Kitchen @ CTM

ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound presents itself throughout the festival with performances, DJ sets, party nights and art happenings in the Paloma Bar, hence launching a new form of interface between the network”s internal dynamics and the general public.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth!” claims the proverb. Yet here, at the Festival”s smallest venue, a finely balanced 5-course affair is on the menu, if only in the metaphorical sense: the Paloma Bar serves as the Festival kitchen, the place everyone ends up, hopelessly packed into too little space yet with a fridge full of beer at hand and caught in the interminable to-and-fro of gossip, know-how and dopiness. Different members of the ICAS network will play host each day.

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Co-founded in 2007 casino online by CTM, the ICAS network now comprises 28 organisations and partners from five continents and has given rise since its inception to numerous new initiatives, including for example the project ECAS – Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future, which is funded by the Culture Program of the European Commission and will be realised at various venues within and beyond the borders of Europe, in the period 2010–2015.

ICAS Kitchen on Flickr