Vice Verse

Dis-Patch and Communikey are joined forces in 2010 to facilitate an international cultural exchange between Serbia and the United States. Brought together by the International Cities of Advanced Sound (I.C.A.S.), a global network of independent non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing new media, music and related arts. Unlike mainstream music and arts festivals, Dis-Patch (D-p) and Communikey (CMKY) share an alternative set of criteria to measure the success of their endeavors, which favors quality, critical reflection, innovation and exchange over profit. With a focus on fostering community and collaboration instead of competition, the two organizations have joined forces to facilitate two collaborative tours, presenting in cities throughout the United States in Spring 2010 and Eastern Europe in Autumn 2010. The tours will facilitate awareness in the United States around Eastern European new media arts and the Dis-Patch movement in Belgrade, and vice versa in Eastern Europe for Communikey’s actions in the United States.

We foresee the collaboration resulting in a high level of artistic and personal exchange between the artists and the artistic communities in regions, cities and parts of the world that they could not reach in other ways. Thus, both the events in all of the visited cities, online casino and the process of travel, special collaborations, and the development of projects are equally important to this project.

Both organizations have similar roles, and even more importantly, approaches, in their respective contexts: CMKY is one of the youngest but fastest-growing events in the US contemporary arts scene, working in semi-isolation from main stream artist touring routes. CMKY has forged its own path without the standard support systems for the arts, and established relationships with its elder organizations in North America, such as MUTEK in Montreal and Decibel Festival in Seattle, placing Boulder on the international map for cutting edge arts. On the other end, D-p is the leading event of its kind in Serbia, as well as the whole of Southeastern Europe for several years now. While it’s relatively marginalized locally, D-p is very relevant on the wider European level, extending its activities in the region with the aim of bringing new forms to new territories – the same agenda which CMKY shares in the US, by networking with various communities around the country.