CTM Festival

CTM 2019 has taken on the theme Persistence this year. The festival has always strived to provide a forum that facilitates exchange and networking between different creative communities, while simultaneously fostering open spaces of possibility. It aims to allow those with different backgrounds and interests to explore new cultural interstices. Through a series of concerts, club nights, an exhibition, talks, and other formats, CTM 2019 has invited both longtime and new artistic collaborators and partners to collectively consider the struggles that come with balancing continuity and changeability. In this spirit, the #Persistence theme examines the aesthetic and societal potentials and pains of perseverance, and of its opposite – the transient and the provisional. It’s not only a fitting allegory for our 20th birthday, but also describes an attempt to consider what is worth being persistent about, and how.

As always, CTM takes place parallel to and in collaboration with transmediale – festival for art and digital culture berlin. The jointly organised Vorspiel 2019 programme will launch on January 18th at ACUD Macht Neu, and features a wide ranging programme of Berlin-based artists, initiatives, and events that continue all over Berlin throughout both festival periods