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LEV Festival 2019

L.E.V. International Festival of Audiovisual Creation of Gijón, an initiative that maintains the concern to continue tracking the evolution of the new audiovisual languages, will unfold its 13th edition from May 2-5. A program full of risky and novel proposals that transcend classic formats within the fields of sound and visual creation, artists and programs include:

Lanark Artefax Live A/V [Whities. UK]
Transform “Manufactory” (w / music by Sascha Ring) (Spanish premiere) [DE]
Gazelle Twin “Pastoral” [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray. UK]
Robin Fox “Single Origin” [AU]
Caterina Barbieri w / Ruben Spini Live A / V (Spanish premiere) [Important Records. ITEM]
Bliss Signal [True Panther Sounds x Profound Lore Records. UK]
Radioactive Man Live [UK]
Myriam Bleau “Ballistics” (Spanish avant-premiere) [CA]
Overmono Live [XL / Polykicks. UK]
Rafael Anton Irisarri [US]
Klara Lewis Live A / V [Editions Mego! HE]
Iglooghost Live A / V [Brainfeeder. UK]
Matthew Biederman & Pierce Warnecke “Delta-T” (world premiere) [US / CA]
Broken English Club Live [L.I.E.S. UK]
Colin Self [RVNG Intl, US]
Schnitt + Gianluca Sibaldi “ScanAudience” (world premiere) [Sync. ITEM]

Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral “ex (O)” (world premiere) [FR / SP]
Lucas Paris “AntiVolume IN / EXT” [CA]
Marc Melià [Les Disques du Festival Permanent. SP]
Elias Merino & Tadej Droljc “Synspecies” Live A / V (world premiere) [SP / SI]
Hiro Kone Live [Dais. US]
Jailed Jamie [SP]
Falaises (Spanish premiere) [CA]
REFIK ANADOL “Melting Memories: Engram as data sculpture” / Space Foundation EDP – Church of the Labor [TR]
MATHILDE LAVENNE “Tropics” / Old Culture Center Institute [FR]

LEV (Laboratory of Visual Electronics) is a platform specialized in the production and dissemination of electronic sound creation and its relationship with the visual arts. A pioneer in Europe in its field, for more than 12 years it has converged the natural synergy between image and sound, and the new artistic currents, giving special importance to live actions. LEV develops the LEV Festival (in Gijón) and specific delocalized programs called LEVents . With both approaches, the platform covers its objective: to offer a panoramic and eclectic vision of the state of the current creation and all its connections in an area that is constantly developing. For this reason, LEV focuses its work on international artists who work at the forefront of audiovisual creation as well as local artists, pioneers and new values.