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Maintenant Festival 2020

Maintenant festival 2020 will take place from October 2th to 11th in 14 venues of Rennes (France). Maintenant is a festival of arts, music and new technologies. 10 days of concerts, exhibitions, installations and conferences on Rennes Metropole.

In the delicate period we are going through, the format of the 20th edition of the festival has adapted. The ecological and health crises are reexamining our ways of sharing and making society. The darkest horizons, such as aspirations and hopes for a desirable future, are illustrated through the prism of contemporary creation.
Maintenant shares the citizen-artists’ view of the present time. Maintenant offers sensitive, reflexive and critical approaches and forms. Maintenant bears witness to the states and mutations of our contemporary society. Maintenant carries imaginary worlds that consider the digital as a medium of creation and social link. All the proposals of the festival take place in compliance with health standards and the health of each individual.

Artists of 2020’s edition:

254Forest / Pierre Debusschere (BE)
Adrien M & Claire B (FR)
Amosphère (CN/FR)
Ben Bertrand* (BE)
Bénédicte Ramade (FR)
Bérengère Amiot (FR)
Bertùf (FR)
Bichopalo (ES)
Borokov Borokov* (BE)
Clara De Asis* (ES)
David Bowen (US)
Flavien Théry (FR)
Gregaldur (FR)
Jesse Lucas (FR)
Jennifer Aujame (FR)
Joanie Lemercier (FR)
Linda Hayford (FR)
Loïc Fel (FR)
Loïc Koutana (FR/BR)
Ludovic Houplain (FR)
Mana Lobato (BR)
Manuela De Barros (FR),
Mario von Rickenbach & Michael Frei (CH)
Marta De Pascalis* (IT)
Moesha 13* (FR)
Nay-Seven (FR)
Otto Lindholm (BE)
Pierre Vanni (FR)
Régine Debatty (BE)
S8jfou (FR)
Sacrifice Seul* (FR)
Soia, Julien Sénélas & Jérôme Vassereau (FR)
Stellar OM Source* (FR/IT)
Thomas Poli (FR)
Tom Leclerc (FR)
Viktor Stargazer (BR)
Vitrine en cours (FR)
Yannick Jacquet (CH) & Fred Penelle (BE)

*SHAPE artists 2020, presented with the support of SHAPE platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programm of the European Union

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