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Rokolectiv Festival 2019

From April 18-21, Rokolectiv Festival returns with its 14th edition and a new selection of artists that push forward genres and artistic formats in electronic music and related arts.

In the context of political upheavals and consequent private and public funding disruptions in culture, the lineup is by no means a comprehensive representation of new trends and developments. It is, rather, a symbolic celebration of a few of them, and most notably of a new approach to club culture, one where testosterone driven headliner line ups fade off and make room for more diversity and inclusivity, whether in gender balance or in artistic formats.

As every year, Rokolectiv Festival is made possible with support from A.F.C.N., long-term institutional partners, and the extensive networking efforts put together by the 16 festivals and art centers involved in the SHAPE platform, co-funded by the EU through the “Creative Europe” program.

At this edition, we are happy to host an extensive SHAPE partners meeting and enjoy the festival for the first time together with our long-term friends. Don’t be shy, tell them hi. You will know them by that “curator’s” look.

And a last note: while extreme rhetoric and demagogy proliferate in society, politics and, unfortunately, in culture, this festival is an invitation to keep your critical discourse alert but dip it in a good dose of old festival hedonism, in an empathic balance between the two. So to say, don’t forget to party.