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LEV Festival

Gijón. ES

L.E.V., also known as Laboratory of Visual Electronics, is the International Festival of Audiovisual creation of Gijón.

A project with over 12 years experience which, since its inception, aims to provide the broadest possible view of electronic sound creation and its connection with the Visual Arts.

L.E.V. is a festival especially focused in the natural synergy between image and sound, the live presentation, and the relationship established among audience, public space and the new artistic trends that constantly emerge on a global level.

The festival was designed and conceived by the Asturian collective DATATRON and co-produced with the support of the Principado de Asturias Government, the Gijón City Council and LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre.

L.E.V. is a festival addressed to anyone interested in the development and evolution of electronic sound creation and audiovisual culture that L.E.V. divides its activities in different venues such as Laboral City of Culture, LABoral Art Center and Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón.