Prague. CZ

A not-for-profit international center for contemporary art. Our mission is to foster a dialogue between individual genres and make the current happenings on the art scene accessible to the widest public. We support original projects in the fields of visual arts, theater and music as well as interdisciplinary and experimental platforms.

MeetFactory consists of 3 gallery spaces for critical confrontation of the national and international art scenes, 700-capacity music hall presenting contemporary independent music scene, theater focused on contemporary prose as well as experimental interdisciplinary projects, and biggest artists-in-residence program in Central Europe with 15 studios hosting over 30 visual artists, curators, musicians, theatre directors or writers per year. Started in 2001 by artist David Černý and currently occupying a 3-story, 5000 square meters former industrial building in Prague’s brownfields area, MeetFactory organizes 300 events per year for 60.000 visitors.