Barcelona. ES

Founded in November 2009, the main activity of Asociación MUTEK.ES is the organization of the MUTEK.ES International Digital Creativity Festival in Barcelona every March. Each edition of the Festival is committed to showcasing the highlights in digital creation to the local public, both emerging artists and more established artists, while promoting the Catalan and Spanish art community and providing them with a platform of international prestige in an environment of discovery, experimentation and exchange.

MUTEK Barcelona and MUTEK Montreal are developing special links, inspired by the cooperation between the governments of Catalonia and Québec, which is based on mutual interests such as cultural diversity, language, identity and the desire to show a unique cultural heritage to the global community.

MUTEK.ES aims to develop and promote links between Catalan and Quebecois artists through exchanges, collaborations, special projects, presentations, etc., contributing even more to the effervescence of the Catalan cultural fabric. The only MUTEK based in Europe, MUTEK.ES is a unique meeting point on the European continent between MUTEK’s international branches. Therefore, MUTEK.ES is especially focused on presenting new artists, projects and trends in digital creativity that are emerging in America and Asia, generating a fertile and exceptional gathering of international artists.