Némo, Biennale internationale des arts numériques

Paris. FR

The Némo Biennial is an event dedicated to art and creation. It is the space for artistic permeability, hybridization of disciplines, support of emerging aesthetics and developments, valorisation of the relationship between art and science, permanent attention to societal questions that are at the heart of our time, those of data and ultra-connexion.

Thanks to the artistic and logistical coordination of Arcadi Île-de-France and the professionalism of its team, theatres, venues for digital culture, current music spaces, private or public art galleries, research spaces and many atypical and multidisciplinary structures have joined forces.

Némo’s strength is also its international dimension, and the partnerships it has developed with Europe and the rest of the world, for example with the platform SHAPE for the promotion of digital arts supported by Creative Europe, or then again, the Cross-years of the Institut Français. We therefore invite you to participate in this immersion in artistic creation in the digital age.