New Forms Festival

Vancouver. CA

Founded in 2000, New Forms Festival is an internationally
recognized contemporary music and art festival that showcases
what’s new in sound, technology, and culture. Local and international artists, partners, and fans come together during New Forms to experience cutting edge art from Vancouver and around the world. Presenting multi-genre, live electronic music and art spanning VR/AR, video, performance, and interactive exhibitions,
supported by conferences and workshops, New Forms is known
for offering cutting-edge experiences via an accessible mix of
underground, educational, and community platforms.

The festival is supported within New Forms Media Society (NFMS) the initial non-profit society and media arts organization founded in 2000 that exists to unite creative communities, push artistic and conceptual boundaries, and explore digital media as an art form. By producing the annual New Forms Festival (NFF) as well as a growing schedule of year-round public presentations, we aim to raise the profile of Canadian artists, media arts, underground and subversive arts movements and practices both in Canada and abroad. NFMS is dedicated to showcasing innovative media works that generate a critical and creative discourse within the public sphere. The Society’s goal is to make new media art, music, film, technology-based installation and performance accessible to a wider audience.