The Bunker New York

Brooklyn NY. USA

For over a decade, The Bunker has been a storied night of musical exploration in New York City. The adventurous electronic music lineups—which bring together fringe artists who also know how to move a dancefloor—made the party legendary amongst NYC cognescenti.

Currently, The Bunker happens about twice a month at various venues around Brooklyn, including but not limited to Good Room, Market Hotel, and Trans Pecos. In the quest to entertain ourselves and meet the artists we admire who no one else would bring to New York, we’ve hosted over six hundred guest DJs and live acts over the past thirteen years. In our mission to discover new talent, we’ve presented countless New York City and even North American debuts. Newcomers to the party often wonder how the events got to this point. There really is no quick answer, as The Bunker is an ongoing night of musical exploration, constantly evolving since it started in 2003. The Bunker is a party for music obsessed people who want to dance to interesting sounds in a room full of likeminded folks, thrown by people who live to do just that, and strive to perfect the experience.